Surveillance Systems

With years of experience in designing bespoke solutions for our customers, TSCT is the number one choice for a bespoke Surveillance System.

  • Designed and built in house
  • One offs or production level
  • Latest hardware & software


TSCT offer TSCM or Bug Sweeping services around the world.  Utilising the latest in inspection equipment and highly trained counter surveillance specialists, TSCT have all the equipped and expertise to locate and identify the most advanced Technical Surveillance Device (BUG).

Tracking Solutions

With a large range of Tracking Solutions on the market, TSCT specialise in customer solutions to meet the requirements of the customer.  From vehicle to personal and asset trackers, TSCT will have the right solution.

Covert Video & Audio Systems

TSCT can provide covert Video & Audio devices to secure your assets and property.

Covert Cameras

Covert Audio recorders

RF, WiFi and 3/4G Devices

TSCM Training

TSCT offer bespoke TSCM training courses on the latest equipment.  These courses can be ran at our site or we can travel to your location.  Offering TSCM fundamentals to advanced RF and search techniques.

Electronic Courses

With the desire to deploy around the globe and travel light, TSCT run in-depth electronics courses (COTS) which will give the students confidence to deploy and build the surveillance equipment they require to complete the task at hand.

3D Modelling & Design

Using our in house design team, TSCT can 3D model your solution before it goes into production.  Cutting costs and ensuring the client is happy with the design before its produced.

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